Why Hello There !

First off, let me express my gratitude….

Thank you so very much for visiting my site !!!

Now that that is out of the way, I can go over the basics: My name is newly Morgan Dortch, formally Morgan Miller. (For all musical purposes I am still Morgan Miller, but this is the inside story remember?). My blog post will be grammatically incorrect and messy. I am not excited about exploiting myself. My favorite color is red. I am heavily addicted to coffee. I am a 21 year old singer songwriter. I got married June 20th 2015 and I will share a blog post on why (most) everyone thought it was a horrible idea. So you should follow me because you will not want to miss out on that…. or how to make cookies on a George Forman grill. Anyways. I adore words, and writing, and I’m already sick of talking about myself.  So greetings, welcome to my world, I invite you to come on in.

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