Overnight Oats

“Over night oats = Disappointment in a jar.” – Lauren A. Burton

Pinterest is a problem for me. It occupies a good majority of my attention span even when the screen in not in front of my face.  My mind is constantly scrolling through images and thinking of the next concoction that is going to destroy my kitchen and wallet. I think that’s okay though. Explore the world ! Try new things ! So I tried overnight oats. aka cold oat meal. Don’t get me wrong the cookie dough one wasn’t horrible but, it wasn’t as satisfying as real cookie dough.

Sometimes in life there are not substitutions for what you really want.

If you want cookie dough. Work for cookie dough, Run for cookie dough. Sweat for the cookie dough. Waiting around for a “healthy” substitution is just not as satisfactory. Are you following me here? Are you with me?

Working isn’t as pleasant as waiting around for something that might be just as good. So as human we wait. We wait for the right opportunity. We wait for a friendship to be mended. We wait for the oats to taste like cookie dough. Instead we should work for the real thing. Find the right opportunity- research, study. Mend the friendship – send the text, make the call. Yes, there is a time for waiting, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. If you want something, work for the real thing. Don’t just sit around imagining the fake stuff is just as good.

Just some food for thought 🙂


All my love

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