On “Haunt you”

It’s Thursday. So I’m writing about a throwback. Take a listen then we can get started:   https://youtu.be/_H8w8xY4BjI

I probably wrote that song in 5 minutes. I was fuming. I was hurt. I was dumped, and I missed him. Perfect ingredients for a country song. As I popped opened my laptop my fingers struck the keys like lightning. I don’t think in that moment even understood what I was constructing, or if it even made sense. All I knew is I needed to get it out. So I wrote. Its a pretty self exclamatory song really. Although, I wasn’t cheated on like one of the first lines insinuates “Is she really sitting in my old seat”. I was just picturing another girl replacing me (it was bound to happen right?) and I died a little bit inside.

“Haunt you” is the song that led me to George and his team. My manager Audrey knew I wanted that song recorded so she introduced us. George put his guys at BlackLight Studios to work. I think they did a mighty fine job. So I’ve been holding on to this bad boy I wrote and recorded 3 years ago. My sound, my look, my goals have altered these past three years. A lot has happened. I was going through my music and  I just kinda figured “why don’t I just put this out or something already?” So I am. Today. Oh and it’s free. It’s not for sale. I think the world needs to get back to the love of music and the meaning of music. I want to be apart of that. So I’m offering you access to my journal. Which is terrifying, but I think its necessary.

Happy listening and all my love,


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