Alexis Dunn

Once upon a Tuesday night, I attended open mic night at Lucky’s. A little bar and grill beside the only Wal-mart in the teeny tiny town of Asheboro, NC. I have met some extremely talented musicians there. I have also met great people in general. I love that place. I can’t wait to gig there again in a few weeks, but I’m supposed to be talking about Lexy here.

So this chic walks up to me after I jammed for a bit, and we got to talking. She is a magnificent song-writer who has only been playing and writing for one year. Her skills and knowledge of the business far exceed that. We went out side and she played ‘fishin in the dark” we both sang along. I liked that chick. I don’t remember who’s idea it was to write a song together, but I’m very glad that idea was thrown out. She came over a day or so later, and we wrote “Cheerwine” at my humble kitchen table. Now, Lexy is from Cincinnati, and she was in town briefly visiting family, so it was so kind of her to take the time to come over and write with me. THANK YOU.

The following Sunday, Lexy came back over so we could record a little video of the song for youtube and facebook purposes. We got out a blanket, sat on the front lawn and we played as the trucks drove by in the background. That’s my kind of music. Just people getting together and making music for the sake of people getting together and making music. I think there’s magic in that, in the authentic love of music.

So that was my encounter with Lexy Dunn last week. Go to her facebook page and like the crap out her. You will not be disappointed. Also inquire about her shirts. Not only are they super fly looking, they are quite comfy 🙂


All my love,


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