Common Grounds

Sorry this post is a wee bit late.

oh well.

Kevin Garland and I had the privilege to play at Common Grounds in Greensboro last Friday night:

As I’m driving down this dark street I think to myself “I’m so glad I remembered my glasses this time.” I hate driving. I hate driving when I don’t know where I’m going. I hate driving when I can’t see and I’m stuck on a tight street with cars parked on both sides. “You have reached your destination” squeaks out of my phone. I pull up into this adorable little coffee shop tucked on this compact street. It’s a hipster looking street, with lights. The shops have charisma. I walk inside what appears to be a cute little coffee shop, but its funny how very true “you cant read a book by it’s cover” can be. It was spacious. The walls were the menus. The drinks were names of actors. There were booths and couches and hallways. The hallways hung a local art gallery. The hallways led to a back room where old arcade games were tucked away along with a pool table. Another hallway led to a studio with lighting equipment for film, and on that wall was a screen for watching movies. On the other side of the coffee bar was a real bar. This place was unbelievable. It was eccentric. It was different. Not the kind of different that everybody else seems to think that they are but really they just fall into the category of trying too hard. I mean this place was unprecedented. I have a deep love for coffee shops anyway, but I have never experienced one in this manner. I will be back. The bar tendering-barista owes me a coffee anyways. So thank you for having and sharing your brilliance with me.

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