“I Do”

The windows not giving me answers today

But I keep on staring like it will anyway

I’ve got these questions built up in my mind

Like why people hate things when they shine

Now my mama doesn’t like you

And daddy knows best but

There’s no explanation for the

Burn in my chest

He’s more than a feeling

Or the best part of me

its not a cliché

He just make me happy


isn’t that enough

Your little girls in love

He is not perfect like

Nobody is

But if he makes me better

What more can you wish? and

I cant make you love him

Like I do

but I will love him

Verse 2

Easy isn’t better

but it sure would be nice

If for once I could sleep

Before getting in a fight

I know it will be worth it

when I sleep by your side

But now mamas crying

Daddy think shes right

I wrote “I Do” around the same time “Rude” blew up on the radio. It almost reciprocates it. The girl’s parents don’t like the guy she’s dating or engaged to, and she doesn’t understand why. He makes her happy. He makes her better, and she is just trying to understand everyone’s point of view. She obviously loves and values her parents, but at the same time she loves this boy. That’s basically the summary of the song. I think a lot of teenage girls or woman in general can relate. We’ve all had that boyfriend our parents just didn’t like.

Other Exciting News !!!!!!!!!!!

I will start recording my E.P this November with CoffeeLab !!! I am beyond stoked. This song will be featured and we are revising it a wee bit. I would love to hear what you think !!!

I love you guys thanks for watching, reading, listening, supporting ❤

All my love forever and ever,


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