October 25, 2015

The leaves are their notorious fall colors, though the air wasn’t even cool today. It was 75  degrees outside. Michael took me to Pilot mountain to go hiking. It was awesome. We held hands, and we laughed. We talked about our families, where everybody got what body parts and from whom. We talked about when we could buy a farm house and fill it with animals and babies. It made me kind of sad. It’s like I carry thi (interrupted by husband leaning my chair all the way back and kissing my face) … I like him… anyways. It’s like I have this fire inside me that screams that I can’t be successful or happy until I have a music career. “I must sing. I must write. I must gig. I must make a living doing music.”  Idk. Is that what success is supposed to be like? A never ending yearning for purpose and even when you accomplish something it’s like “whatever. you gotta do better” Maybe I need to make a blog page of accomplishments. Of little wins. Of good days and blessings and “movie material” kisses. Maybe that’s why I love pictures. To remind me about what life is about. Love, to be love, to show love and to win people so they can know Christ’s love. Sometimes you need to remember that. Actually. Everyday you need to remember that. So Morgan, remember life is about  love. How you show it, receive it and feel it is up to you. The end.

oct 25 2ococt 25 3

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