Social Media: Friend or Foe?

I have mixed emotions about social media. We have a love hate relationship. I love that you can keep up with you friends from second grade, stalk that one chick from highschool and share your life with family in a different state. I also hate that you can keep up with friends from second grade, stalk that chick from highschool and share your life with family in a different state.

Life wasn’t meant to branded, but it was meant to be documented.

Companies are branded, artists are branded, local and big businesses use branding. Personal human lives are not supposed to be branded. It’s unhealthy. It’s unhealthy to compare your selfies to another chicks’. It’s unhealthy to spend hours gazing at peoples success and beauty.

Stop trying to brand yourself.

As an artist, I struggle so much with this… because literally I’m required to have a brand. (As an artist not as a human being, but they intermingle, hence this post). I don’t have numbers like RaeLynn, or a set like Adele. I don’t look like Jenna Fail, and I never will! I don’t work on my body like she does. (Jenna Fail is a body builder). And that my friend, is OK! My personal goal in life is not to inspire others to be fit ! Why should I daily compare my body to an athelete that spends hours a day scuplting her body? My goal is not to sell 500,000 records, so why should I compare
instagram to Taylor Swifts’? There is no comparison and there never will be. That’s her brand. Not mine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but why does it feel that way? We try to sell ourselves on social media. We act like we have something to prove. Or  at least I do. I get so upset because I don’t look a certain way, I can’t dance like her, I don’t have a big enough
following or fan base.

My “passion” has become a numbers and popularity game that I’m failing epically.

I had to unfollow the majority of my “fitsperations” because of how overwhelmingly upset and insecure staring at them made me. I should probably unfollow the jillion famous singers that I stalk for the same reason. It’s not mentally good for me. I could just be waaay insecure, but I just don’t find it beneficial.   Some may find it inspirational and therefore it sparks thier motivation, but me? I cry. Why should I continue? Is that not the literal definition of insanity? Continually doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So I’m taking a stand for myself.

Though life is not meant to be branded, it is meant to be documented. The Bible is a document. Case closed. I enjoy looking through my photo’s and seeing all that has happened in the last few years. I like journaling, keeping records. I am sentimental. I keep everything. So does social media-In one organized and clean place on the interweb. To me, that’s cool. For me, social media has become and abyss of documentations that I compare with others. The result? Constantly feeling inadequate. So What are your thoughts on Social Media on a personal non buisiness stand point? Is it more beneficial or harmful to you? If it’s more harmful then why put yourself through it? They do make scrapbooks and private blogs you know.

one chick who can’t ever make up her mind.

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