E.P. and Cassadee Pope



For those who would like to keep a close look at what’s going on in the Morgan Miller Music world:

Today being the 4th of November makes tomorrow the 5th of November. What?!?!?! The 5th of November I will be opening up for Cassadee Pope in VA Beach at Eagle’s Nest. I cannot thank those involved enough. I am beyond stoked and feel beyond blessed.

Other news.

I will be recording my E.P with CoffeeLab Records this weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means: It should be available on ITUNES early next year. It will feature “I Do” which is currently on Youtube if you wanna catch a sneak peak 🙂

I cannot express the extensiveness and depth of my gratitude. I could not get to where I am now with out you. By you, I mean you – who is reading this, who has watched a video, the girl who knows all the words to my song I wrote who drives me to continue, the lovely people booking me, those who bought t-shirts, the ones who share, like and comment. YOU. So thank you. I do truly love you. Why? because you are a human. That’s why. And I am grateful for your help in helping me try to connect humans through music so we can all be on the same page for 3 and half minutes at a time.

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