For the love of love

Watching people get excited is the best. It is exhilarating to me to see people doing what they truly love. It’s enthralling and magical.

I had a photoshoot today for my upcoming e.p. I had a girl around my age take them for me. She was adorable. She got so excited over her art. It was like her heart was over-powering her body. Her love was written all over her face. She was magical.

Want to know what is even more beautiful than witnessing someone’s passion? Seeing their reaction when their art is changing people. Seeing their faces when what they do is exactly what another person needs.  The first time I saw a girl mouth all the words to a song I wrote, I almost died. Not literally, but I dreamed of that moment. I was never sure if that was going to be something I could accomplish. My song impacted this girl. Why? How? I don’t know. I don’t know to what extent, but she knew the words. She knew the words because she wanted to, not because it was on the radio or because it was incessantly playing somewhere, but because she wanted to.

I love seeing artists faces when their music is appreciated. I love the gigantic smile producers get when they are constructing a song the way you want it. I love a teacher’s gentle reaction when a student improves or the little light bulb goes off. I love when fingers know where and how to hit the keys or strum a guitar. I love to watch the proud faces beaming with accomplishment. When doctors find a solution, when dogs get to play in snow, when writers finally finish, when athletes push and push and train and train to have it pay off. I love to witness the love, the passion, the intellectual stimulation. I love, love.

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