The Case

“The hardest part about practicing the guitar is deciding to get it out of the case” – Kevin a.k.a my guitar player

Decisions are hard. Persistence is harder. Everyone hates the things they love. They are bound. We are bound to the things we love. My best friend is a runner and some days she sits in the car staring at the gym. I ask her why she runs, because a lot of days she acts like she hates it. I get it when I apply the same concept to singing.

Most days I don’t want to go to open mic nights. Seldom do I ever want to be out in public past 12 a.m. I hate social media. I don’t like being alone at the house in front of a blank sheet of paper, but every single instance the hardest part is the beginning, the commitment, the decision to do. I never regret an open mic night, I can’t recall ever regretting a gig. I’m embarrassed by some of the so called songs I’ve attempted to write, but practice makes perfect I guess. Why is the beginning so hard? Why are we so afraid to commit to the things we love? For me, I think it’s the thought of failure or repetition. “What if I never make it out of this town? What is the point? What if I’m still doing the exact same thing in 5,10.20 years ? Shouldn’t I just go to college and pursue something stable?

What if I can’t run 5 miles today? Why do I need to strum the same 3 chords over and over as if I haven’t done it a million times? What if.. Why?

So why do we continue? Why do we push pursue? Don’t the things you do make you, you? What if Rhonda Rousey decided she didn’t want to train anymore because she was tired of hurting, what if Michael Jackson stopped touring because he simply didn’t enjoy touring? Would Rhonda still be Rhonda? Would Michael still be Michael? OF COURSE, but they wouldn’t have accomplished the things they had set out their whole lives to do. Isn’t that what  we strive for? Fulfillment? To conquer the half marathon! To get lost in the resonating strings ! To see your words make a difference !

If it makes you, you, if it makes you better, if it pushes you, scares you, haunts you do it. Just freaking do it. Why? Because why not? Everything is gonna suck every once in a while. At the end of the day are you proud? What is worth it to you? Are you proud of what you have done, or who you were today?

Don’t give up on yourself. You don’t need all the answers to continue. Just continue.

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