“Seasoned” – How to Eat Well When yous be broke

When your 21 and 22 and on your own, your not going to be able to eat like you used to.

My family went out to eat literally ALL THE TIME. Going out to eat is one of my passions. I am deeply in love with food. Good food. I am infatuated with restaurants, atmosphere, experience and good company. I bond over food. I heal over food. Food makes life grand. When I have absolutely nothing to look forward to during the day, I simply remember I get to eat again. Instant happiness. It’s magical.

I can’t meet my uncle at Zaxby’s after work 3x a week anymore and order a gigantic salad. I don’t indulge on Olive Garden’s breadsticks or Chili’s 2 for $20 menu. It just cannot happen. My parents and uncle and boyfriend arn’t here to buy me food and Starbucks on the weekly. My boyfriend turned into my husband and now his money is my money. So we don’t go out to eat as often as I would prefer. I’m a singer. That’s all I’m doing right now. So. No job for Morgan = No extra food for Morgan.

Being spoiled with food growing up,I can’t make myself eat hotdogs, Ramen noodles, and chef boradi everynight. I worked very hard to lose 40lbs and I don’t intened on gaining it back because I’m eating wrong.


This is how I make delectable,mostly healthy meals,for two on $30-$75 a week. Also with out a working oven…. There is also that.

  1. You must have a George Forman grill- If you don’t,give up right now. You get Beeferoni tonight.
  2. Seasoning. Seasoning. Seasoning. It’s imperative. Build your seasonings over time. Start with salt, pepper, BASIL, and cinnamon
  3. Basil makes everything better.
  4. Plan your meals around sauces, sides and seasonings that you have Not meat. Meat is expensive. Ex: Say you have a giant bottle of Spaghetti sauce (If you got a small one you fail, get a giant kind, the walmart one because guess what you have BASIL to make it even better !!! ) So. With that one jar, you can buy noodles for $1 and have spaghetti one night, buy bagels and cheese and have pizza bagels another. Get hamburger meat and have sloppy joes. tada !
  5. Now you have hamburger meat and cheese, get $1 tortillas and a $.69 pack of taco seasoning and have tacos!
  6. You have cheese, go get some lunch meat and make ham and cheese bagel sandwhiches and wraps (with your torillas) See what I mean ? Build off of ingredients you already have.  Experiment with what you like and don’t like.


  1. eggs
  2. milk
  3. coffee creamer and coffee – or you die
  4. cheese
  5. lunch meet or gross hot dogs – meaty stuff for lunch
  6. breads- loaf, bagel, torilla ect
  7. meat -Free tip ! – tuna cans are phenomenal. Grilled tuna on the george foman with sesonings is delectable. So are grilled tuna and cheese sandwhiches. Fast, easy, hearty, nutritious, delicious.
  8. breakfast thing – cereal, oatmeal, granola bar ect.
  9. Sides- vegtables, salad, spinach, soups
  10. snacks- pb crackers, tortilla chips, bananas, grapes, yogurt
  11. Peanut butter is always a plus


I have made cookies on my George Forman, Pancakes, chicken, sandwiches and many other concoctions have been formed on my George Forman. Get one.

Seriously, try meal planning. Write out what you want this week, what you know will have left-overs for lunch the next day, what ingredients you can use more than once. (plan off of salsa, sour cream, cheeses, breads an onion) If you have tortillas, make peanut butter cinnamon wraps, tacos, fajitas, tuna tacos, whatever !)

What are some of your grocery tips on budget? Some of your favorite meals? I’ll probably share some of my favorite recipes soon. I just wanted to make sure you have a George Forman first. Or you can be a real adult and own a working oven.

Talk soon,



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