Take the Road Less Traveled

And by that, I mean take the scary road.

Maybe it is the road everyone else is on, but your terrified of it. Maybe it means applying to college for the first time, when you broke in your high school cap and gown almost 5 years ago. Maybe it’s applying to a new job because your old one is just too routine. The road less traveled doesn’t have to be lacking in people, there will always be someone doing something you are doing, and working harder at it than you ever will. I think the road less traveled is the one that you have never traveled – not the one rarely taken.

It’s so easy to stay rooted. It’s so difficult to move. Why do we get stuck in mundane mediocrity? Why are we so afraid to branch out  and attempt to reach our full potential? I think the answer is different for each of us. For me, maybe it is fear. Fear of underachieving. Failing. Fear that I won’t be as happy as I am now. Fear that I will lose what I already have.

Moving to Nashville is not rare. Actually most singers do it. It isn’t special. It isn’t “less traveled”. BUT to me it is. I’ve been trying and waiting to get there since I graduated. It may happen soon, it may fall through again. My point is: it’s a road I have never traveled. I’m scared, nervous and beyond excited.

What is your road? Is it less traveled or is it traveled by many? What is stopping you?

Just Go.

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