How to Stop Procrastination

How to stop procrastinating like a real adult in the early 2000’s:

  1. Watch Jenna Marbles- she has her crap together jenna.jpg
  2. Laugh at Jenna Marbles- it’s a stress reliever
  3. Stalk people’s Instagrams’ because they either have their crap together, or they don’t, and that my friend makes  you feel better
  4. Pin the person you want to become, instead of actually you know, working on becoming that
  5. Get a dog- it teaches you that if you procrastinate, it will eat everything. because you were too distracted by Jenna. Again.
  6. Love the dog, it builds character and teaches you, that you arn’t ready for children if you wont take your dog outside because he ate your favorite hat. (bad child, sit in your pee for puking on my favorite shirt! – see bad parenting- not ready for children)
  7. Get on your laptop and get to work ! Then realize life is too hard so you need to just go on Pinterest and stare at pretty hair and cookies
  8. Realize that when singing loudly is your desired profession, an apartment complex with thin walls isn’t the most thoughtful place to be. Mentally build your dream housedream
  9. When you realize you will never be able to afford your dream house, because all you do is act like a child, remind yourself Jenna still exists. Laughter is still an option.jenna
  10. Grow up. Turn you phone off, your laptop off, lock the dog in the other toom, thank God for knowing you arn’t ready to have children, Do the work.  Make the stupid CD case.


So this turned out to be more of a pep talk for myself. Maybe I made some of you go getters feel a little more accomplished. Anyways. Have a blessed one.

arrow black.png



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