Namaste Abroad

It has been decided that Michael (my husband) and I are going to Travel the World. Our RTW (round the world trip)(because rtw is a lot shorter to type than Around the World trip) will begin February of 2018. If the Lord willin’ and the cri’ck don’t rise.

Why? Because we want to. Because we are in our early 20’s and we can. Also this was the only solution to cure my severe baby fever.

Our plan: We don’t have a set plan. Right now, I am reading travel blogs like crazy. I am also thinking of a good name for a new travel blog (right now all I have is Namaste abroad)(hence the title). We have a list of places to visit, and the daily average of the cost of living of each place. We applied for a travel credit card so we can get free miles. I have a new laptop and camera picked out I would like to buy before we leave. I have a savings goal of $18,000 to achieve in the next year and a half including paying off Lilo (our 2011 Rav4 we just bought in April)

This adventure is going to be grand. I am brainstorming about learning ukulele before we leave so we can set out a case and play on the streets in multiple countries to earn cash. I am looking into hostels, and fruit farms and various forms of work we can do while we are traveling. As of today 6/2/16 the most terrifying aspect is not having animals for a year. I also want to continue to do music while I am away. If you are interested in supporting me please feel free to check out my Patreon page: Which I am currently updating. I know I have not been doing much on the singing thing lately, I have been too busy soaking up and loving the crap out of life to stress it though.

So yeah.

If you don’t want to have kids yet, but you severely want kids RIGHT NOW. Just go ahead quit your job and decide to travel the world first. Because why not? When are you going to be able to sell everything and leave again? If you were to die in 5 years, what would you have done differently? Life is too grand to live like a normal person. So I want to not be normal for a while, and meet other un-normal people. And learn. And see, And grow. So that’s that.

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