Cummins Falls State Park

I love holding his hand. I love random day trips and entering the weekend plan-less. Actually I hate entering the weekend plan-less, but it leaves plenty of room for spontaneity.

It’s supposed to rain for 2/3’s of our July 4th 3 day weekend, so we ruled out a camping trip, which left me scheming. Michael came home from working 3rd shift Saturday morning, and woke up 2 hours later to an anxious wife ready to go somewhere cool.  Michael gets good husband points for that. I have been wanting to go to these falls for a while. I have a list of waterfalls around Nashville that I need to swim under or take pictures of. We don’t plan very well, so we just do what we can when we can randomly.

We decided not to take Manning (our Australian Shepard mutt). We didn’t know what to expect, and we knew we wouldn’t be gone very long so he sat this one out. Sorry Man, you can go next time.  Cummin Falls is only about an hour and a half from Nashville. When we arrived the parking lot was packed. People were walking around in their bathing suits like we were at water country USA or something. Automatically, I loved the place. There was a skinny trail leading down to the bottom of the falls. Once we reached the bottom of the skinny trail through the woods, we walked maybe half a mile along and in the river to get to the falls. I love rocks. I always have. I used to collect them. As a young girl I used to conduct experiments on them. Vinegar would make some bubble up, and others it didn’t affect. I still have my research binder somewhere…. But anyways. This place is abundant in rocks. The smooth kind that are easy to jump on. So we skipped along the rocks. Hopping on rocks automatically increases my experience by 5.3 points in every scenario. I also discovered how nice it would be to have Chacos. I now need Chacos. We were in and out of the water the entire way there, stopping to put on our shoes. Some of the rocks, as it turns out were not as smooth as others. How perfect would it be to have hiking sandles that were specially designed to well hike and get wet. Probably perfect, so I need them. The falls were breath-taking and covered in people. There is a little pool at the bottom of the falls that is perfect to swim in. You can swim up to the falls and actually climb up the water fall. Disclaimer: climbing waterfalls is super slippery- another reason I need chacos…. Also unless you have a life proof case for your iphone, you cant use it to take pictures whilst standing underneath a waterfall. So I also learned I need something of that nature as well. For documentary purposes only of course.

It was a beautiful day filled with singing “Proud Mary” repeatedly in the car, Chic-fil-a and adventure. But not Chacos. It was not filled with Chacos. That my friend is ok.



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