Thoughts from the Poolside

What is the middle ground between wild and settled? When do you start sitting by the pool dangling your legs wanting to jump in, but knowing the chlorine makes you sick and damages your hair; So you don’t? When did you start caring and stop diving in? What makes you “settled” a house? A steady job? Changing your dreams to something more sensical ? What makes one wild? Throwing everything away and packing everything you own in a backpack? Buying a one way ticket with no plan? Where’s the middle ground? Where can I reside and be neither? Somewhere between wild and settled is where we aim. We don’t want to be “normal”, but how many of us really want to be “wild” with no routine and no safe haven? How many of us decide and undecide? How many of us truly grow up and stop jumping in the pool because having to shower afterwards isn’t worth it? But to how many of us is it worth it to? Knowing how to balance contentment is a journey we keep pursuing. Being grateful and pressing onward to greater things is a battle. How grateful are we before we non intentionally stop trying? How unhappy and anxious must we be to hustle our hardest? Where is the middle ground. Who’s going to jump in anyways? Who is going to go inside chlorine free because “there’s always later”? Which of us is lukewarm: half in and half out? 

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