Walking in Memphis

It’s sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Memphis. I love Elvis, and the Blues, and Jazz; and I love BBQ. I went to Memphis yesterday and I felt a twinge of sadness.

It was hot, the kind of hot where you walk outside, and instintaneously you are wearing a face mask of sweat. You are also choking on air that has mostly H20 in it. My wonderful aunt and uncle treated Michael (my husband) and I to a trip to Graceland. We jumped in my RAV4 and drove 3 hours from Nashville, TN to Memphis, TN. We stopped at Dairy Queen along the way. Mainly because I needed icecream. Road trips require icecream. I was quite excited about our day trip. Shortly after arriving to Graceland, we boarded a shuttle bus that took us to Elvis’s mansion. This is where the sadness begun. I beheld a beautiful mansion sitting on a gorgeous 13 acres. We trotted our way through a mans home. We admired the space where a man made love to his wife, and opened Christmas presents with his daughter. We took pictures of his shag carpets and Grammys and a garden where he and his family lay in  peace. Why? Because he could sing. Because he wasn’t shy about the fact he could sing. To me, this is sad. We buy photocopies of his driver license and talk about his cars. We pay butt loads of money to admire this dead man. He is dead, and they are still monetizing him. This is what makes me sad. His voice may have touched us all, but here we are touching and monetizing his life he left behind. We act like we know him. We don’t know him. We didn’t cook thanksgiving for him, or buy his little girl a doll. We may know his favorite color and seen where he had midnight walks with his wife, but we don’t know him like they do. I guess idolatry never ends, even in the vaguest of forms. Let the man be a man. Stop trying to look from the outside in. Maybe I’m just judging from the outside too. I don’t know him, maybe these were his wishes. I just don’t agree with DE-humanizing so we can monetize the talented, smart or our leaders. Let them be at peace. Leave their houses to their families. Take what you were given, which in this case was music. That is his greatest invitation you could receive from this man. Why ask for more of him?

Like I stated previously, I love Memphis. I had a beautiful time with my family. I’m so grateful for the memories made, and for the BBQ I inhaled. So, don’t get me wrong. I could be completely wrong. I didn’t know the guy, that could have been his greatest joy to have  that  kind of legacy, just simply my opinion.

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