“Maybe Idk”

We all have a life soundtrack.

During most dramatic moments of my life, a song resognates in my head. It resounds in the in the back of my thoughts. Songs that I have written, play when I’m crying in my husbands arms. When I’m lost in thought, Jon Bellion reminds me I’m not the only one who has wandered there. Hearing Eric Church, puts me back in the backseat of a jeep. “You are my sunshine” goes off and it doesn’t matter if I’m in another state; suddenly I’m in bed singing with my mama. You get the point. I take music forgranted. I think we all do. Forgetting its power to transport us. Taking forgranted it’s magic and poise. It’s there when we are absent. We chase fame forgetting to chase the music. We block out the noise, but that blocks out the magic. Maybe I don’t know what to do when it goes silent. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe instead of chasing it, I’ll let it find me. I’ll stay waddled up watching “Greys Anatomy” until I reach an epiphany rather than stretching myself too thin pursuing the things that exaust me. Maybe our dreams change. We change, so why would our passions stay the same? Maybe I don’t know, but thank you Jon Bellion for chanting with me; “maybe it’s ok.”

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