Lunch time Learnings

It’s like losing weight. You work really hard to achieve your goals. You don’t eat icecream every night before bed. You order a side or fruit instead of French fries. You run when you’d rather not, because let’s be honest: even people who love to run equally hate it. Finding yourself is a lot like losing weight, and gaining it back. 

Most likely when you are trying to lose weight the first thing you do is cut things out. You cut the bad habits before forming new ones. Changing your life is like that, but we don’t realize it. In order to be happy, we need to cut out what makes us unhappy, rather than add another thing to our pile of unhappiness. You see, if your overweight and try to add an excersise routine before changing your diet: you are going to fail. Your gonna feel awful. It’s gonna be too hard. You gotta cut the crap out first, then form new habits, add new routines. Baby steps people. 

When your drastically changing your diet, your going to have second thoughts. Your going to cheat. Your going to hate it, but you will adore the long term effects. Major life changes are like that too. Changing careers? Beginning a new journey? Moving? Ending a relationship? It is freaking terrifying. You second guess yourself, you want to retreat to what you know, what you thought you loved, but when you cut out the crap, you realize it was slowly killing you- even if it was enjoyable- it wasn’t healthy. (Longest run on sentence ever) One morning, after changing your diet, and running regularly, you look in the mirror… and guess what. For once, you are happy with what you look like. Running may have felt like dying, but when you look at yourself: you realize how good it was. You are healthy. You don’t recognize the you in old photographs, and that’s ok. Change is good. Change is scary. Change is healthy, you want to be a better, happier version of yourself. So if your not doing the same thing you were 2 years ago, and you don’t feel the same way you did 2 years ago, you feel better. Don’t  feel guilty for your averted successes. Just because you wanted to weight 115lbs but stopped and maintain at a healthy and muscular 125, doesn’t mean you failed. You found your best you. Be proud of your best you, even if it isn’t who you pictured you would be. Plans never work out anyways. Be happy your routes in life change. 

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