What you Should/Could be Doing Instead of Watching Netflix.

Recently, I have fallen in love with (and finished watching) a show called “Greys Anatomy”. If you haven’t seen it, turn off your mobile device and NOW and turn on Netflix. There is no greater joy in life than watching Greys Anatomy. After that series, you will become so bored with life and fall into a deep depression as you come to realize nothing else quite measures up to Greys. My friends, I am here to tell you there is life after Greys, but you cannot find it on Netflix.

Did you get all 12 seasons of Greys watched? Good. Now we can talk. You have been on an emotional roller coaster my friend. You have loved and you have lost. Go make some cookies! Seriously. Creating new recipes or perfecting old ones is actually quite fulfilling. I don’t mean just literally. Making food is a beautiful part of life. Have some free time? Learn to cook. It’s better than sitting on your butt for 3 hours straight.

Today is beautiful. It’s sunny October day. Go for a jog. You don’t run? Go for a walk, a bike ride, go to a park. Soak up vitamin D. Go outside.

Write. I already ate too much today, and I’m going on a walk with my husband shortly so I opted to write. I was just watching “Fixer Upper” even though I told myself “no more Tv!” So, begrudging I turned off Netflix and turned on my trusty dusty laptop. Here I am. Writing. Wallah !

Maybe you aren’t a writer. That’s ok ! You have dreams don’t you? Day Dream away kiddo. We all need a good, productive rest where you can take the time to envision a bright shiny future for yourself. Now that you have it all thought out, go make a list. Write down a plan to make those dreams happen. Set goals. Be productive.
Go buy another puppy or make a baby. I hear they take up a lot of time.

Take up knitting. Or crafting or painting. Make something. Get an adult coloring book. Read a book. Take up a college class. Go for a whole freaking degree. Take a dance class. Sing a song. Volunteer. Make your own list of what you should be doing instead of watching Netflix, whatever it looks like! All I know is that life is too precious to spend countless hours in front of a screen instead of making your own life. Stop living in someone else’s and create, edit, live your own. Hopefully this inspired you to do something with your life other than watch Netflix. If not, you can always watch re-runs of Greys.

BUT When the 13th season of Greys hits Netflix, you best believe that’s where I’ll be for the next 12 hours.



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