Own it ! 

Own being yourself. Own that frizzy hair. Own your imperfect muffin top. The little details of your life that you don’t necessarily want to brag about, own them too. I was looking at a girls name this morning and thinking, “I wish my name was that pretty.” A NAME. Own your brand, your name, your identity. Why? – Because no one else can. Share yourself with confidence. We all have something to say. You may not see it to be as glamorous or as important as the girl with the pretty name’s, but you are not that girl. You are you. Mama’s own those stretch marks. Stop looking at other tummies that are not yours; they are not yours. They are not for you to love and shape and care for. Don’t be ashamed to invite your “richer” friends over to your first home because well, they rich and this is your first home…. Don’t be ashamed of where your path in life is taking you. Own it. Be grateful for it. Stop looking for what you want, and look at the things you do have. The imperfect, old, flabby things you do have; they are beautiful. They are yours. Take good care of them. They were assigned to you, for you to make beautiful and worthy. In a world where we are being pumped with more ! More ! More ! Upgrade ! Update ! Better ! -Be satisfied counting your blessings. Be happy with your lot in life. Turn off the phone, turn off the tv, go for a walk, take a bath, lay on the floor with your dog, and breath. Be grateful. Today is your day. This is your life. Own what you already have. 



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