Allow the Process

Seriously, allow it all to be a process. 

Right now, this soon to be mama is nesting hard. I want my house to be perfect. I want the walls plastered with wedding photos, and hanging plants. I want a billion throw pillows for the couch. The flower beds HAVE to be done this weekend. I want to change the entire color scheme of the house, get a new bedspread, hang curtains etc etc. Of course, the nursery is basically perfect. Now the rest of the house needs to be. We have a less than perfect budget for all of this. Don’t get me wrong, we are extemely blessed ! But, we’re talking thousands of dollars a I want to spend all at once on making this house a home. Let me tell you something that I am still learning. It is not wrong nor materialistic to want to make your house a home. I struggle with this. I never thought that homemaking would be a priority in my life. I didn’t think I cared for it… until we bought a house together. It’s a beautiful thing. Just don’t let it become an idol. Remember that you can’t take it with you. Even though it is a pure happiness, it is not what life is about. Let the pictures be hung through out the years. Leave room for new memories, new gifts, and leave room to grow. Let it be a process. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why should your home be any different ?

Maybe there’s an area in your life where you are so antsy to have it all figured out right now. Patience is so difficult. I feel you !!! It’s something I struggle with on a daily basis. Breathe, be grateful and let it happen naturally. 

Just a few thoughts on this springy Friday morning 🌞Have a beautiful weekend. 



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