10 Things not to Feel Guilty about in the Third Trimester. 

Disclaimer: I have been blessed with a very healthy and wonderful pregnancy thus far. This doesn’t mean that pregnancy is easy just because your having a comparitivly “easy” pregnancy. So, for all you first time  mamas in your third trimester I feel you.  To make you feel better, here are some things you don’t need to feel guilty about in your third trimester.

1. Being fat. We’re huge. I know it. You know it. We’re basically beached whales at this point. It doesn’t feel ok, but I guess it really is ok since we’re getting tiny humans at the end of this engorgment.

2. Quitting your job at 35 weeks because the ac doesn’t get cooler than 74 degrees. Am I the only brat that can’t tolerate being the least bit hot? Maybe I should feel guilty about this, but I don’t care. I enjoy breathing.

3. Wearing the same shirt all week. No one freaking likes to buy huge clothes that they’re only going to wear for like two months. So around the house I basically wear the same comfy t shirt and no pants. I don’t care and neither should you.

4. Vagina hair. Do we even have vaginas when we’re 8 months pregnant? I havn’t seen mine in so long I wouldn’t be suprised if it had magically disappeared.  I’m not moving my belly around and getting in 40 different positions in the shower just so my vagina can be hairless. Sorry. Not sorry.

5. You should still shave your legs. That’s gross. Feel guilty. Unless it’s winter and your wearing pants then you fine baby mama. Be free.

6. Turning from being an extremely active and productive person to being an Olympic couch potato. It’s only temporary. You can be superwoman again soon.

7. Not doing dishes for 3 days because you really just don’t want to. On the 4th day you should get over yourself and get crap done.

8. Asking for help. Your huge and swollen and tired, and on top of that, your not supposed to lift anything over 25lbs. This makes life difficult. Don’t feel guilty for asking for help every once in a while.

9. Being overly emotional. Personally,  I feel like my hormones are more normal than when I’m not pregnant. But ! If your one of those women who cries because the poptarts are strawberry and not blueberry that’s ok too.

10. Not being able to do it all. Take it easy on yourself. You can’t work 40 hours a week, keep a spotless house, attend prenatal yoga, prepare for a baby, grow a baby and take care of your pregnant self all at the same time. Prioritize and let go what you can’t control. I’m not going to say enjoy your pregnancy while it lasts because if we’re honest, the pregnant part of pregnancy isn’t enjoyable ! I don’t think we should feel guilty for acknowledging that this is hard! It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it’s not pleasurable. Frankly, it’s quite boring and frustrating, but we all know how worth it it will all be when we hold that baby in our arms. So take it easy on yourself mama. Don’t try and keep it all together. Don’t feel guilty for admitting you don’t Necessarily “like” being pregnant. I don’t believe the women that say they do. Appreciate the time you have to get to incubate your little baby.  It truly is miraculous and beautiful even if it isn’t pleasant. 

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