Things that Make One Feel Like an Adult:

I’m having a child in 3 weeks and I still don’t feel like an adult. Adulting is over rated anyways, but I have stumbled across a few things that have made me feel more adultish. Sooooo I decided I would share them with you.

  • Buying the expensive paper towels because the cheap ones suck and don’t clean up anything.
  • Baths. Which you would think would make you feel more like a child, but they make me feel old. “Hey I have time to take a bath” That my friend is adultish.
  • Netflix. Watching tv makes me feel like a boring adult. When I was young, I was out having fun, not being lazy and watching tv.

  • Pregnancy does NOT make me feel like an adult. Actually it makes me feel quite childish. Like I’m gonna have a little human friend I get to dress up ! Also I get to spend a crap ton of money on her which also makes me feel young again.
  • The fact I get overly excited over Method’s natural cleaners and how well they work. PLUS THEY SMELL LIKE CUCUMBERS!!!! If you get excited over cleaning products, you my friend, are old.

  • The fact I’m okay with spending $100 on shoes because they don’t make my feet hurt. In my defense they are adventure shoes. So I think I’m only partially adulty here.
  • I want to buy house things instead of going out and doing things. This might also just be a pregnancy thing. I hope it ends soon.
  • I want a pedicure. What? Why?
  • I actually gave away a dog we rescued.

  • Naps are no longer shameful. In fact, naps are needed every so often. When I was not an adult, naps were a waste of life and I harshly judged those who par took in such activities.

Well, bath time is over, and the adulty things are no longer spurting out of my brain. I assume I’m done. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday !



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