Things No One Tells You About Having A C Section !

  •  It’s not as bad, painful, or terrifying as it’s made out to be.
  • Operating rooms are actually quite bright and inviting.
  •  The numbing shot they give you may surround your lungs and make you feel like your drowning. This is the single worst part of it all. You feel like you can’t breathe even though the doctor says you are. Just get through it.
  •  You can barely keep your eyes open from exhaustion afterwards. Or maybe it’s the drugs. I’m not sure. This is annoying because you just want to be with your baby and you feel helpless and incapable. I felt like I was going to fall asleep and drop her. Your not going to, okay.
  • You’re going to feel helpless a lot. You can’t get up and down by yourself the first few times. You can’t single-handedly take care of your baby. This can be agonizing, but remember you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of the little one. You did everything you can for them. It’s okay to accept that you need help. That baby needs you. Allow the healing process and don’t fight it.
  • Peeing hurts worse than pooping. Peeing actually hurts a lot. A lot a lot. It does for a while, but it gets better.
  • I was 10x more swollen and fat looking after having a c section than I was while being pregnant. So swollen it almost hurt. This lasts for days. It’s very ugly. Just be aware, it makes you super swole and not the good swole.
  • IV’s are the worst. Also ! Did you know that an IV is just a little plastic tube inside of you and not a thick metal needle!? I didn’t until afterwards. Knowing this in advance might have helped.
  •  Learning to get in and out of bed is an art.
  •  You won’t be able to do a sit up type of motion for a very long time. I’m three weeks post partum and I still have to push off with my arms or roll on my side.
  • The scar is basically in your pubes. Get over it. No one cares about a freaking scar. It’s cool anyways.
  • I didn’t get stretch marks during my pregnancy, but about two weeks after having a c section, purple stripes magically appeared. Yay.
  • The incision won’t snag if your stitched up with steritape !
  •  Normal pants are a thing of the past. I don’t see myself being able to wear jeans, shorts or even normal underwear for a very long time. Even though the scar is healed, anything right on it makes your insides sore. Super sexy granny panties and sweatpants for me I suppose. (Super embarrassed about the granny panties actually. I really miss aerie underwear)
  • Take the pain meds. And slowly come off of them after a week of being home. The Ibuprofen helps with soreness and the Percocet helps with the stinging and burning of the incision. Also, they offered me two Percocet but I never took more than one. It was plenty.
  •  One of the worst things is when the nurses smash on your belly after you’ve had major surgery. I guess it’s to check for clots or something? I’m not sure, but I smacked one’s hand one time… it hurts and it’s dumb. Be prepared.
  •  Not being allowed to lift more than 10lbs is stupid and annoying and inconvenient. Have lots of extra hands around.
  • Showers don’t hurt at all. Don’t be scared of a long shower or to get the new incision wet. Showers are magical.
  •  YOU NEED A BOPPY. Breastfeeding is only possible through owning a Bobby once your home from the hospital. Also I still haven’t found another position other than the football hold that works.
  •  Life would be much better if you could carry your own child in the car seat carrier. Stupid 10 pound rule…
  • Not being able to work out for 6 weeks is stupid. And annoying. Be patient.
  • Seat belts also don’t really hurt your incision.
  • I haven’t been upset one time about having a c section. Not even a little. I don’t wish it would have gone any other way. I am so grateful for doctors who know what they are doing. Having a c section saved my little girl’s life. The cord was wrapped around her neck twice. If the doctor didn’t have the discretion she had to do an emergency c section, my little girl might have died if I had tried to push. So for people who are terrified of having a c section don’t be. It’s not bad. I promise. This is coming from someone who had never even had a broken bone before. As for everyone else, who cares how your child got or gets here. Whether natural, medicated, home birth, hospital birth whatever, as long as they get here safe an sound nothing else matters.

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