Complacently Content

Complacency: :  an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

Contentment: :  feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation.

I think it's human nature to question everything. Once we get what our hearts desire, we immediately search for the next thing. We cannot dwell in the state of contentment or complacency. Is this good or bad?

In the American culture the dream is to have more, do more, and become more. We live by the clock. We distract ourselves with tiny and large screens to avoid the silence. Why? Because silence has a tendency to scream the truth. Our minds begin to wander. When I sit alone in the middle of the night feeding my one month old, I am perfectly content and happy. In the morning, coffee in one hand and my phone open to social media apps in the other, I begin to question the purpose of my existence. Sure, last night at 2am staring in the eyes of my beautiful baby, I was the happiest person ever. Come sunrise, I open the comparison trap called my phone and my world begins to unravel. Maybe I should be a teacher! Maybe I should go back to school… Do I really want to get into network marketing again? Maybe I should start singing again after all that's why I have been given the ability to sing so I can sing right? Instead of remembering where I am today, what my purpose is today, I allow my mind to tell me it is not good enough. It is not grand enough. Society does not find me impressive. The people I am impressed by would not find my life impressive. Anyone can stay at home with a baby. Why am I downplaying something I love and adore so much? What is wrong with accepting that simplicity is sometimes the answer? My friend, our paths change so many times in life. We stop at different stoplights, we speed down different roads. Put the tiny screens down and look at where YOU are right here, right now. What makes you feel at peace? There is nothing wrong with pursuing a slow life. There is nothing wrong with the fast and furious one either. It's the transition that's hard. It's when you trade one type of life in for the other that makes you question your decision. In my devotions this morning I read Isaiah 30:21 which says
"And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." The elaboration was that God is going to direct you. He will show you your next step. My belief had always been that contentment and complacency was evil. How were you going to accomplish anything in life if you were content? I was stupid at 16. Shouldn't contentment be the goal? Shouldn't being grateful and happy be the goal?! If you trust that God has your next move, why shouldn't it be as simple as following Him? Maybe it's in His plan for you to stop and smell the roses. It's ok to be in a place where you wish time stood still. Happiness should not be frowned upon. Simplicity should not be frowned upon. Tiny screen with all the stories fast and slow, my story is grand too. Maybe not in the eyes of the adventurous traveler, or the successful performer, or the rich salesman, but is my story grand in the eyes of the Creator? That is the question. Am I listening to Him? When I stare into my tiny human's eyes, hold my husband's loving hand, and take a look at my life unfolding before me, I feel satisfied. I feel full. I feel happy. It's not impressive, it is simple. But, today I am choosing to trust that God holds my next move. If I follow, He will lead . If I listen, He will speak.

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