Thieves Cleaner and Tangerine DIY !


Today I got a goodie box from my lovely enroller, Lorri. In the world of Young Living, an enroller is simply the person you signed up under to get the goods. I opened that box like a present on Christmas morning. I’m not going to list everything that is inside because I’m lazy and you might not care, but my friends, it’s pretty freaking cool. An entire box of free stuff has the power to make your day. However, I did get an entire 30oz cleaning bottle worth of Thieves cleaner. Since my counters were already dirty, I quickly put it to the test. IT WAS MAGICAL. I’m gonna be real and say there’s been a spot on my stove for 3 days that just was NOT coming off. I didn’t even spray the cleaner directly on it, I simply wiped away like normal and SWOOSH it’s off. WIN. Another plus is since I know that it’s 100% natural I had no worries spraying my counters while wearing my 6 week old. Before, I don’t think I would have been comfortable using any cleaners when she’s near.

So yes. I obviously fell in love with Thieves cleaner.


Tangerine essential oil is basically the essence of summer.

I saw on Pinterest I could refill my bath and body wall plug-ins with a few drops of oil and water. This does work people. So I put a few drops of tangerine in my kitchen plug in, and instead of being greeted by an aromatic headache, I was subtly kissed by summer. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but it’s quite pleasant. I know that heat breaks down the oils so they don’t have the same benefits, but it still smells great. Plus, it’s is so much cheaper and better for you than the refills.

Next, I read that tea tree oil helps get rid of odors. I opened the caps of both the tangerine and tea tree and smelled them together. Not too shabby. So I threw those bad boys in my cheapo diffuser. (My young Living starter kit hasn’t come yet) (P.s. The starter kit comes with a diffuser in case you didn’t gather that from my previous parentheses) The combo actually smelled quite refreshing, but I didn’t stop there.

Along with the Thieves, tangerine, and tea tree oil, my magic box also contained a beautiful glass spray bottle. I wanted to use it, so I looked up linen and room sprays. I found a super simple one that is just oil and water. “That’s the ticket !” I thought. It wasn’t the ticket. I wasn’t impressed, it didn’t linger very long . Although it did seem to get rid of the hot -outside- dog smell. So, it wasn’t a total bust. Next time, I want to find a different recipe using vodka. I hear that the alcohol is better for linens. Also, I will try other ratios and such. I do not blame the oils. Well, this concludes my oily experiments for this post today.

Until the next time!


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