The Truth About Essential Oils…


Dear Oil Diary,

My Starter Kit of essential oils came in the mail a few days ago. Needless to say I have been experimenting ! Before that glorious package arrived, I did some research on essential oils and babies. I found some pretty terrifying things. Babies cannot tolerate a lot of the oils we can. Even diffusing certain oils around them can be quite dangerous. I urge you to really do your research before using any oils in any way on anyone, including animals. These little bottles carry some pretty potent stuff. Respect them. Don’t just start throwing down some essential oils because you heard it was safe to ingest them. There is a lot of contradictory material out there. My conclusion: use your gut and be smart. These bottles contain magic. They work wonders, but have been recorded to be fatal if misused.

I think I just mentioned this but, THEY WORK.

I stole a pain roller blend off of Pinterest and used my uncle as a guinea pig. He claimed it truly did help ease his back pain.

My aunt got super nauseated and sick to her stomach after eating some seafood this afternoon. She put a drop of peppermint on the roof of her mouth and a minute later she said she was no longer nauseous. About two hours later, her stomach was still bothering her so I looked up what we could do for that. She rubbed digize on her belly and almost instantly was relieved. It was so cool to be able to help !!!!

Baby girl had her first tiny diaper rash the other day. I put a&d ointment on for the first day, it did nothing. It didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better. The next day I tried Young Living’s Tender Tush. It’s a salve made of oils and essential oils. One application helped tremendously, and the second application got rid of it completely. It hasn’t been back since. It’s pricey, but when it comes to skin issues, I’ve never seen anything work so well and so fast in my life. When it comes to my little one, I don’t care how much it is if it’s healthy and it works !

Carpet deodorizer!?!? Heck yeah. I’ll do another blog post on this, but I made my own version using Purification and Thieves and it is majestic.

Hand soap. Essential oils + Castile soap = awesome.

Can we take a second to talk about Thieves cleaner? It cuts grime like no ones business, and smells like Christmas. This stuff amazes me. I love being able to use it in my kitchen, and not worry about what’s it in.

These little oils are amazing me. It’s like magic in a cute bottle. I’m hooked. I get so excited when I see that they are really helping my family in a healthy and natural way. I have so many more experiments to do, and I hope you stick around to share them with me ! So that’s my entry for today. Hashtag falling in love !


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