10 Home Favorites

If home is where the heart is, shouldn’t it reflect you and your family? I know I get so caught up in having the Pinterest perfect life. I want my home to be clean and bright like the popular filters. I want it to be worthy of thousands of likes on Instagram. Guess what. I’m an unorganized, eclectic, mismatching mess. That’s the way I love it. I’ve tried minimalism. I’ve unintentionally tried basic white girl, and bohemian. What if I just embrace simply being myself? So this is where I am now. I’ve been convicted of being too materialistic recently, but also realizing the lost art of home making. Like most things in life, balance is key. So here are a few things that make my house feel like a home.

1. Fires on the back deck. Some sweet friend of mine gave us their fire pit they could no longer use. I adore it. It reminds me of the fires we had every Friday at my aunts house growing up.

2. Salt lamps, candles and diffusers. Creating a mood in your own space is important. Lighting is everything. When we were looking for a house, lots of natural lighting was a must. I love the soft glow of candles. I’m not sure if the salt rocks really emit positive ions or not, but I’m positive they make me smile when I see them lit up in my home. Diffusing essential oils has become my new obsession. I love how they can manipulate the mood. Not to mention the immune support !

3. Live plants. Need I say more? Michael has learned the key to my heart is bringing home a new potted plant. Not only do my plants make my space more homey, most of them have a sweet story behind them.

4. Readily available instruments. I’m pretty sure there is one in every room of the house except the kitchen. Even Raleigh has a cute Guitalele by her crib.

5. It’s not home if there is no dog. Enough said.

6. Hand made decor. Almost everything hanging on my walls was made by my uncle or best friend. It reminds me how loved we are, and how talented and giving my family and friends are.

7. I need noise. I’m not going to lie, having the TV on in the background is my go to. I would love to say I listen to music all day long, but I don’t. One of my goals is to start listening to more music, and not so much of Ross and Rachel arguing on Friends.

8. Mirrors. I would love to have more of the sparkly things. I love how they throw light across the room, and open up a space.

9. Fresh flowers. This doesn’t happen too often, but having fresh flowers as a center piece is heart warming and inviting.

10. Cleared countertops and an unmade bed. I hate when my countertops are cluttered. It drives me mad. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it doesn’t

feel like home if the bed is made.

Appreciate your home. Love the things that make it your own, but remember it’s who you share it with that truly matters.



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