All the Coffee and Stress Away

Today has been a day folks. A glorious beautiful day, but a day nonetheless. I went back to work last week. If you can even call it that. I think I logged six hours. Anyways, I attempted to work again today, but Raleigh wasn’t having it. Apparently boobie trumps bottle. So I sped home to feed my pitiful hungry child. Boy, has she had her vengeance. I’m pretty sure she’s terrified to let go of my boob in case it disappears again. Poor thing. To try and relieve some of whatever she has going on, I’ve had Stress Away and Lavender in the diffuser. Seems to work more for me than her, but she has calmed down quite a bit. These oils really have been quite a blessing so far. I just ordered some goodies off of Amazon so I can make a few rollers and sprays. I can not wait !

Here is some of what I’ve learned in the last two weeks. DiGize is a life saver. It can almost instantly relieve a tummy ache. Lavender works on cramps – but not quite as well as Tylonal. DIY Detergent is fun to make. When my Essential Rewards order gets here, I’m going to put some Thieves cleaner up in that jank to make it smell like fall. (Want to know more about Essential Rewards? Just ask, I’d love to talk to you about it.) Thieves and Stress away have been my go to oils to use in the diffuser. Copaiba helps relieve in grown toe nail pain. Pain rollers are no joke ! I’ll do another post on that soon.

I know this was a very short post, but I wanted to check in before my dog eats my dinner and the baby starts to cry.

P.S. Watch what the Health on Netflix. If anything can turn you Vegan that show can. I havn’t eaten meat in a week.

Talk soon,

Simply Morgan.

2 thoughts on “All the Coffee and Stress Away

  1. Love how you are incorporating eo’s into your life!. Try some peace & calming and gentle baby(tons of benefits from skin, calming, sleep and even easing baby tummyaches(but I agree Digize pretty amazng)) your next ER order. Also, from the PSK and what you already have…Frankincense is very calming diffused with Lavender or by itself.

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