10 Things to do When You’re in the Depths

Okay, I stole this phrase from one of my best friends. She likes to say she is in the depths of despair when she’s having a bad day or “in the depths” for short. I can’t be original all the time.

Reminder to self: What to do while in the depths….

  1. Get over yourself, it’s not that bad. It is probably just PMS anyways.
  2. Start a fire ! Watching things burn is fun !
  3. Run. Syke ! That will make you feel even worse.
  4. Pinterest a new hair style, but don’t actually follow through with getting it.
  5. Do some yoga girl. Then imagine having a yogi’s body. Must be nice. Moving on.
  6. Take a bath or a nap, or nap whilst taking a bath.
  7. Utilize the magic of Snapchat filters. Embrace your alternate personalities.
  8. Pet the poor neglected dog. He could use some love. He’s probably been in the  depths since the baby came home.
  9. Sniff some oils.
  10. Drink some more coffee. Another cup probably not that bad for you.

The thing is, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, so you probably aren’t as pathetic as you feel !

Just some love and encouragement on a muggy moany Monday.



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