Raleigh’s First Pumpkin Patch


Why it is humid and 90 degrees in October, I will never understand. Nashville you are silly. Every child deserves to experience fall and the pumpkin patch, so I’ve turned up the A.C so we can wear our new fall clothes, and pretend it’s the season we are actually in. Thank you Lord for Walden Farms, pretty little bows, sunflowers, sweet little pumpkins, necessary coffee, and adorable baby toes.

This past weekend was one for the books. It was simple, but memorable. Obviously we went to the pumpkin patch. After, we went to Eddly’s BBQ on 12th South. If you live in Nashville you know what I’m talking about. We sat outside, and I fed Raleigh awkwardly as strangers walked by. A blonde stood on the street corner and strummed her guitar while she sang unimpressively. I thought there would be more of that here, but there isn’t. Once we devoured dinner, we got home and Michael threw glow sticks all over the floor. Raleigh fell asleep. We played pictionary with glow sticks and stayed up past 2am like we did before I got pregnant. I suppose my message is, no matter what stage of life you are in, don’t stop doing the things that make you, you.



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