Baby’s First Halloween

We all want to make the holidays special for our little ones. Adding a tiny human to the chaos sometimes doesn’t pan out the way we envision in our head, and that is OKAY!

I had the dreamiest Halloween planned out. We would keep it simple and dress up as Rosie the Riveter so I could easily wear her around. My husband was to be Uncle Sam. We were going to go to Belle Meade and trick or treat at all the mansions, and eat all the Reese’s cups. Well, Uncle Sam didn’t get his costume in time so he was no more. Apparently he isn’t a popular guy except for on Amazon. I didn’t want to be Rosie with out Sam. I began to brainstorm. Raleigh’s favorite song annoyingly popped in my head. “Baby shark doo doo doo doo”. THATS IT ! RALEIGH SHOULD BE A SHARK ! I called like 6 different places with no avail. The baby shark costumes were gone. Luckily one of my last options had a few left, and 75% off ! It saves to be a procrastinator apparently. I was so excited. I picked up her little shark costume and headed to Target to look for some blood. I’m not good at looking for blood, so I got food instead. Michael woke up around 2 (he works 3rd shift). We soon headed to the thrift store to look for some clothes we didn’t mind trashing. We then proceeded to a different target, where Michael successfully found some blood. Raleigh was not happy about our outing and did not mind showing her emotions. So we stopped, and she ate. We got home. She ate. I tried to get ready. She ate. She was a very unhappy hungry baby while we were trying to transform ourselves into happy, bloody and mangled family. This process took much longer than I intended. For some reason, baby costumes are not actually made for babies, but for Gumby dolls. Anyone else have issues bending their children into their costumes?! After a comical ten minutes or so of trying to plan out how to get this thing on her, we finally succeeded. She loved it. It was super warm and squishy. She was a live stuffed animal. When her daddy said “hi” to her all bandaged and covered in blood, she laughed. Twisted little child. It was getting dark, we snapped a few photos and an instax and began to walk around the neighborhood. There was no taking that costume on and off again. She seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Maybe I have a weird thespian on my hands. She enjoys dressing up and making people smile. Trick or Treating lasted a good twenty minutes before a scary odor came out of her body. We proceeded home at once, only to find out it was just a fart. I don’t think I should eat Chinese anymore while breastfeeding after smelling that… We dug her out of her costume, divided up the winnings and snuggled on the floor. There were no mansions, or hours of asking for candy, scary farms or Uncle Sam’s, but there was a happy half eaten family, a instax that turned out fantastically for once, a single Reese’s cup, and the cutest, happiest baby shark that ever saw land.

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