Dear 2017,

Thank you for existing. If it wasn’t for the last two months, I would have said you were the easiest year yet. Let’s recap.

  • I was pregnant for over half of you.
  • I went to college for the first time, and got a 4.0. Um community college is easier than high school though.
  • Had my beautiful Raleigh, which made me a mother.
  • Lost the most giving and kind hearted soul one could meet. I was privileged to call him my uncle.
  • Learned the hardest part about not being home, is not being able to be there for my brother.
  • Really missed my brothers.
  • Probably got along best with Michael thus far. We got this marriage thing figured out pretty good.
  • A new cat adopted us.
  • Found Young Living
  • Oh, I haven’t worked for half of you ! Which is weird…. I used to make fun of stay at home moms and now I am one. Still think they have it made though. It’s the easiest most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I know it will get harder as more come along and she gets older. But for God sakes I wish stay at home moms would shut up because your life is literally cake. It’s lonely af but it’s cake. Like you get to be with your kids all day. THATS INCREDIBLE. So I have intentions of working part time and running a few different business’s from home. Young living, music together, maybe opening an Etsy shop and doing private lessons. I hope I never have to work a “regular” job again.
  • We have a heavy heavy yearning to adopt
  • We might be moving again……
  • Learned a lot about living simply and living a healthy life
  • Was extremely content for the first time ever
  • Planted my first flower bed that we own
  • Did what I wanted to.

2017 was very freeing. I learned a lot about myself and what I want my family to look like. For once it wasn’t about change, it was about being able to live out the hard changes and decisions that were made the years before. It’s also the first year I haven’t moved in three years so that was nice. I wish I could be home for my family. As much as I love Nashville and as much of my heart as it holds, my family holds more. So I suppose I do want to move back so I can be apart of that. I want to be able to help them in ways I can’t here. If I had my selfish wishes I’d never leave and bring them here, but it doesn’t work like that I suppose. 2017 was for us. 2018 you will be for others. You will be for giving and serving and loving. You will be for buildings relationships and business. 2017 thank you for letting me build a home.

2 thoughts on “2017

  1. That was beautiful, my baby girl is growing up. You are a amazing mama but most of all you are a amazing people. Thank you for me you. Thank you for letting God use you to bring so many people joy. I love you, Happy New Year

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