The Lost Sea Adventure

Adventures look a little different when you have an 8 month old versus when it’s just you and your husband against the world. There’s a sense of fear that lingers. Before, it didn’t matter if you got lost, ran out of gas, got stranded etc. Before, deterrents were fun. Now ? I feel like I have to have a safety net for my girl. I’m living that mom life. I saw on Instagram the other day a lady that goes by “The non adventures of a stay at home mom”. How very accurate my friend.

Here is to a different kind of adventure ! Ones filled with baby giggles and melt downs. Here’s to exploring with a new partner and seeing the work through a different lens. Bring on the museums, theme parks, and day trips. Adrenalin, I’m sure we will cross paths some day soon.

The Lost Sea Adventure

Sweetwater, TN


I wanted to go some where and get out of the house.

An absurd amount of time has passed since Michael and I have been to a new city.

Michael heard from a co worker that said co worker was taking his wife to The Lost Sea Adventure the following weekend.

Naturally, we did the logical thing and decided to copy them.

Basically it’s a cave with some really cool historical facts tied into it. There is a lake filled with sharp teethed rainbow trout than man placed there as an experiment to see if they could escape. Man is dumb because it is pitch black down there and rainbow trout can’t see in the dark. The tourist liked the fish so they continued to populated the underground lake with less than colorful rainbow trout. We got to take a mini boat ride onto the lake which was really cool. A small child was scared of being in the boat which made me sad. She wasn’t young enough to be allowed to be scared of being on a boat. I guess growing up on a boat makes you unsympathetic towards non boat riding weenies.

Besides the underground lake and the cave, there was a glass shop in the tourist attraction. The older gentleman working there had been blowing glass for 56 years. He claimed it was the largest glass collection in the world. His talent was unbelievable. I forgot to take pictures because I was so entranced by how this man could make intricate castles out glass and heat.

I miss long car rides with my husband. Our relationship was built on road trips. Now that Raleigh is not such a new tiny human, we’re trying to get back to that. She seemed like she enjoyed herself. I’m judging by the way she thrashed her arms excitedly throughout the whole tour. She did NOT like the total darkness when they turned off all of the lights in the cave. Let’s be honest, I hated that part too….

Make time for what makes your soul happy. Make time for what makes your soul mate happy. Don’t be afraid to get back to what makes you, you.



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