Where are my Multi – Passionate People?

This post was inspired by Jenna Kutcher: specifically her podcast episode 137….

Are you human? Chances are if you answered yes, you have many passions and dreams. Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed with trying to figure out what your passions and dreams actually are that this topic makes you want to scream into a pillow so loudly your throat is scratchy for three days afterwards. If that’s the case, write down what you like and things you do that make you happy or slightly happy. Do a few weeks of self discovery – resources forthat jazz are endless. Ask google or search Pinterest.

Moving on…

So maybe your like me and you have five million business ideas swimming around in your brain twenty four seven. I’m going to tell you what Jenna told me (speaking of Jenna’s why are they so great? Example: Jenna Marbles, Jenna Kutcher…)

Focus on one at a time

Her advice was to be logical and focus on the one that could bring you the most amount of income in the shortest amount of time. Then get really good at that thing. Make yourself and expert. Build trust. Build a brand and not just a business so your future endeavors can be umbrellaed underneath.

For example: she became a wedding photographer, booked 25 weddings in one year so she could replace her corporate job, then branched out from there.

Another very important piece of advice.

You are not the only one who can answer emails. In other words- make your work duplicable and hand off tasks that make you cringe to someone else.

Guess what, that means you just hired someone. YAY ENTREPRENEURIAL-SHIP !

Thank you Jenna and Rosemary and Lavender for calming my nerves and re wiring my brain this morning.

Focus on one thing

Go do that thing

Make it duplicable

Shift your focus to the next thing

And go !!!!

Happy Saturday friends !

What are you doing this weekend to reach your goals !??

Talk soon!



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