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Why hello there & welcome to Simply Morgan!

I’m Morgan Dortch. God calls me Daughter, Michael calls me wife, and Raleigh calls me Mama. I’m just another life loving, coffee consuming wanderer navigating her way through life. How basic 🤷🏼‍♀️

Michael and I met right after high school in a Chic-fil-a parking lot. Two years later, we got married. In 2016, we moved to Nashville, TN where we currently live with our sweet baby girl Raleigh. Yes, it’s pronounced like the city. Yes, it does have sentimental meaning. Raleigh, NC was the half-way point between where we lived. It’s also where we had our first (mud fight) date.

I originally began blogging to vent about the music industry. I was trying to make it as a country artist. When I got tired of that, I told Michael I wanted to either backpack around the world, or have babies. So he got me a dog. Well, when that didn’t work, he agreed that traveling would be fun for a while. I began morphing this into a wanna be travel blog. Not long after, a little positive sign showed up on this test I took… So here we are. I can never make up my mind. Here’s to a conglomeration of my journeys: a place full of ideas, dreams, lists and lessons. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy following along !

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