Essential Oils

Essential Oils are becoming a big part of our lives around here. I was first introduced to them when I was pregnant with Raleigh. I would get headaches, but I didn’t want to risk taking anything. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of peppermint oil to help. It was mind blowing ! As I was doing research, I came across a company called Young Living. After seeing their Seed to Seal Process and their many product lines, I decided to purchase my starter kit.


I’m no crunchy mom, but incorporating essential oils into our lives has been a HUGE step to a healthier lifestyle. While researching the oils, I came across some pretty terrifying information on some things that we use on a daily basis, including our food. It has ignited quite the journey for us. I love using Thieves Cleaner on my counter tops knowing that I’m actually boosting our immune systems. Using DiGize instead of taking six Ibuprofen? Yes, Please! Rolling some Stress Away on my wrists is a day changer. I am NOT a medical professional, I’m just a mama learning about healthier and safer alternatives for her family. Essential oils are to be respected. Please do your research before using them.

Where should I start?

Personally, I recommend getting the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a diffuser and 11 of the most used oils. You can see all that comes in it here. It’s the best bang for your buck. You get $300 worth of products for $160.

How will I know how to use them?

You will get plenty of reading material sent with your purchase. Also, I will be here to help answer any questions you may have. Our oily tribe has Facebook groups you can join, classes, books, live chats and videos to help guide you. They helped me a ton ! We love to diffuse them, and make rollers, sprays, beauty and cleaning supplies in our home.

Do you have to sell the oils or order monthly?

Nope. You can simply buy the kit. It comes with a membership that gives you 24% off future purchases if you so desire. The kit also comes with a referral link if you do decide to share, but neither is required. Just an added perk !

If you are interested in enrolling with our team you can ORDER HERE. You will have the option of joining our wellness groups on Facebook, where you can learn and connect with an incredible and inspiring community. If you are interested in sharing the oils, we run boot camps to kick start your business. Not to mention, we have some pretty amazing mentors to guide you through every step !